Arthur Mcmanus is a promising and humble MMA fighter within a seedy world of shady deals and corruption. He lives with his girlfriend, Sarah pursuing his dream of being a champion fighter with the help of his uncle, Hal. Terry O’Reilly is the head of a major organized crime syndicate who also runs prestigious publicized fighting events. His conflict with O’Reilly escalates when he rejects his offer to throw a fight. They kidnap his trainer and his pregnant girlfriend, eventually leading to a meeting with Arthur at a Celtic Arts museum. A furious melee with O’Reilly and his henchmen break out when they strongarm and threaten their lives. They both engage each other violently, and they both fall three stories into a glass case containing Celtic runes. One of the sharp artifacts is lodged in his side upon the fall. He acquires ancient supernatural powers from the mystical knot. He becomes a walking nightmare to those who are in his path. Snakes and serpents are generated from his body like a cold black death. Within these moments, he is no longer Arthur McManus but a savage Celtic God of War.

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