Pole Dancer Extraordinaire is ViXXXena – Super-Hero Beyond Compare!

Origin of the name for Felix Cane’s alter-ego:

ViXXXena is much more than just the foxy sexpot that you might expect, for her name came about because she embodies the stealth, cunning, and quickness of a female fox all wrapped up in a smoking-hot body. Of course she can be quite the hellcat when it’s called for, but her intellect gives her a decided edge as she mesmerizes and manipulates men to mold them to her will.

The basic powers of ViXXXena:

As-if the unique abilities of the Worlds Best Poles Dancer weren’t enough; when Felix slips on her sexy high white boots, she seamlessly morphs into ViXXXena amplifying and expanding her abilities beyond imagination; including

The stealth, cunning, and agility of a fox.

The flat-out speed of a cheetah.

The awesome power of an Orca.

The tenacity and endurance of a mating South Pacific Sea Krait.

The unique ability to assume a tuck position and attain the rigidity of a Venezuelan Pebble Toad while tumbling safely away from any height onto any terrain.

The grace of a Gazelle.

And the surefootedness of an Ibex; making her truly an all-terrain super-hero.

A Taste of  ViXXXena’s First Adventure (um… delicious!)

A Las Vegas pole dancer by night and a bio-chemist by day, Felix Cane shares a laboratory with Dr. Stanley Einsteinovch who is on a top-secret mission to develop an ultra-potent performance enhancing serum for the U.S. Government, unbeknownst to Felix who is working on experimental pole grip compounds. Suddenly, a beaker of Triple-X Enhancement Formula explodes! Stanley quickly grabs his protective gear and cleans up the mess; “no harm, no foul”, or so he thinks.

Later that evening, Felix is down in the basement testing her latest batch of super pole grip and getting in some practice when she becomes dizzy and realizes that a small amount of Stanley’s formula had seeped through the flooring above, contaminating her pole. Apparently the inadvertent combination of formulas was beginning to heighten her senses and put her sensuous body into overdrive. Just as she thought things couldn’t get worse, her adorable Chinese Crested puppy, Nova, was suddenly swallowed up by an ominous vortex that had mysteriously formed at the base of Felix’s practice pole and then vanished along with her beloved pet.

Stanley rush down to check out the commotion, consoled Felix and then worked tirelessly at her side for the next several weeks to re-create the baffling portal while helping Felix to discover her new enhancements. After weeks of effort and countless failures “Eureka!” the vortex had been re-activated! Without hesitation or even the briefest moment of indecision, Felix pulls on her tall white boots or “high whites” as she often called them to insulate herself from the high voltage that prevented the portal from closing and slid down her pole into the unknown.

When she broke through the dimensional barrier, at the moment when the two dimensions briefly touched there was an energy spike: she had morphed into ViXXXena!

She now finds herself, or rather ViXXXena finds herself, is a realm that is even beyond her over-active imagination; Pole-Land… the curse of the pole dancer, an evil realm that has remained unknown until now, for no pole dancer, stripper, or anything else for that matter, has ever escaped. Worst of all, the potentate of this nightmarish place where strippers and pole dancers of every size, shape, and level of skill are enslaved, is none other than Emperor Von Douche.

If the rumors are true, ViXXXena’s unique ability to mesmerize and control men, even the gayest of men, will be of little use against this nemesis, for it is said that Von Douche is as limp as a soggy manicotti and has an extra “Y” chromosome in his genetic code. Sadly, that would make him impervious to ViXXXena’s mesmeronic powers. If that weren’t bad enough, Von Douche realizes that ViXXXena is the first and only pole dancer ever to activate his pole and he’s not about to let her go.

Can ViXXXena find a kink in Emperor Von Douche’s impotent/genetically enhanced armor? Retrieve her beloved Nova? And free the strippers and pole dancers who are trapped in the hell that is Pole-Land so that they can once again tantalize and titillate real men? Only time and Deepcut Productions will tell.


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